Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hello #3!

Well, we wanted to update you on what's cooking at our home here in Texas!
We went to the doctor today for our first visit for baby #3! I am 8 weeks and one day pregnant! This baby is due around October 7 but the c-section will be about 7-10 days earlier.
I am feeling "okay" each day but a little more uneasy toward the evening. Hopefully this will get as bad as it gets for nauseousness.

Check out the newest pictures of #3.
The heartbeat was 166 beats per minute (normal).

The baby is the size a kidney bean (3/4 of an inch). The head is on the left and the feet are on the right. I know...a little hard to see but use your imagination.

We told Ella tonight...her reaction was sweet. "Can we name the baby Sweetie?" was her first question. Then "How does the baby get in there?" and "I already knew you had a baby in your tummy...God told me the other night." So sweet...

We asked Ella if the baby was going to be a girl or boy and she said "A baby brother". We asked Reese if she wanted a baby sister or baby brother. Her response was "BABY"! Oh and by the way...we won't know if it is a boy or girl until the birth...

We'll keep you posted on other fun stuff with the family...check back soon!

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CS said...

Congratulations- Whoo Hoo!! So excited for all of you- Ella and Reece will be wonderful big sisters!!!

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