Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Palm Sunday

Ella experienced her first Lord's Supper at church on Sunday. This is the first time she has ever seen anyone do this. I tried to give her a "heads-up" on what was going to happen on our way to church. How do you explain "symbolic" to a child that is 5? She did ask a good question.."Does symbolic mean pretend?" Well...kind of.
She had lots of questions during the Lord's Supper...some were:
"Daddy are you going to go up there on stage?"
"What does that cracker taste like? Is it yummy?" Scooter's answer, "Not really."
"That smells like grape juice, not blood. I like grape juice. Can I have some?"
She did listen to all of the scripture that was read. She knows that Easter is when Jesus died on the cross, was buried in an empty tomb and rose from the dead. One of her favorite things that she received last year right before Easter was "Resurrection Eggs" that explains the story of Easter. Look for them at They are worth the money!

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