Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten and 34 week check-up

So, we started off the morning by taking Ella to her first day of kindergarten. Her teacher is Mrs. Bradburn. I started crying the minute we pulled out of the driveway. Ella was SO excited about going to school today! Scooter, Reese and I walked her in. I was fine until I had to say good-bye and the tears started rolling again. But I made it out of the building before the "ugly cry" started.

Reese and I picked her up this afternoon. Her first day was good! Mrs. Bradburn said that she had a great day! She also said that Ella is a busy girl! (she hit the nail on the head!)

I asked Ella what was her favorite thing she did today. It was playing at recess on the log roll and the monkey bars. Her least favorite thing was lunch time (go figure). I wanted to know if she didn't like what she had for lunch or was it the actual lunchtime. She said she didn't like sitting still at lunch. (again, really no surprises there).

Everything went great at my doctor's appointment.

Mama stats:
BP 130/80
NO weight gain
Measuring 34 weeks

Baby stats:

Heartbeat: 140's
non-stress test was normal

We go in on Friday for a sonogram to check baby's weight and fluid.

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