Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ella's Spirtual Birthday

Well, it started 6 years ago. Praying that the word of God would fill this sweet baby girl's heart. That she would accept Christ at an early age...many nights praying the word of God over her.

November 2, 2008 at 8:15 pm..she invited Jesus Christ into her heart.

Her Story
At dinner that evening, I had made home made lemonade and was telling the girls that her Papa Reese loved to drink homemade lemonade that Nana made for him.
Ella asked me if I missed Papa Reese and I, of course, said yes. She said that we would get to see him again because he is in heaven with God and Jesus. She then said, "Do you know what I did today on the way home from choir practice?...I asked Jesus into my heart".

WOW...what?..really!...oh my...THANK GOODNESS...praise now????

I asked her why she would want to do that. She said so that she could live in heaven with Jesus and God when she died. She said that she wanted Jesus to forgive her for her sins.

Later after dinner, Scooter and Ella went outside to "talk" under the stars. It was a beautiful night here! Scooter said that he asked Ella many questions about her decision and was able to lead her in the prayer of salvation in a "special place" that Ella picked out.

She was glowing when she came back inside (daddy had been crying). She told me that she had prayed to ask Jesus to live in her heart.

Pray for us as we help her grow in her faith and to really trust Jesus in all things.


Preppy Pettit said...

how wonderful!

Mary Ellen Hollon said...

Praise God!! And to think that God has used you and Uncle Scooter to raise his children and now you are able to witness the fruits of your labor. What a wonderful feeling for you and Uncle Scooter!! Love you guys and you are always in my prayers.

Christy said...

wow,awesome,I got teary! congratulations on that decision, and your wonderful new edition to the family.

Luke Jalbert

Courtney said...

Wow, that is so awesome! I, too, got tears in my eyes.


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