Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summertime almost gone but here are the highlights of our summer...

Freedom Trail in Boston

Swim Lessons

Vacation Bible School

Picking Blueberries

Celebrating the 4th of July

Growing Corn

Playing in the Sand

Walking on the Beach at Sunset

Making a surprise for a friend

More Swim Lessons

Buying and Trading Silly Bands

Other things without pictures are:
going to Canada to Fish, staying at Meemaw's in Michigan for a week, sewing with friends, eating cupcakes, staying up late, eating ice cream, playing in the sprinklers, seeing fireworks, drawing, coloring, getting in trouble, naps, sleeping late, attending birthday parties...
All in all Summer 2010 was a great and busy summer!

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Tom and Katie said...

Welcome back.
Loved all your picks, and of course the little Huddy that snuck in there. :)

We have all had a pretty fun summer, huh? We are blessed.

Although I'd like to add that you should have added a picture of your quilt(s)! :)

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