Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bonks on the Head and 13 week check-up

Well, this week has been a busy week for Reese. She has had two major bonks on the head. One right between her eyes courtesy of Ella's pink baseball bat and the one on her left temple courtesy of the orange indoor slide at preschool. She likes to show everyone that she has "ouchies". Both will look worse before getting better (think that nice progression from red to purple to yellow).

I had my doctor's appointment for the baby today. The heartbeat sounds great! It is so nice to hear that quick thump, thump, thump after 5 weeks! I will be scheduling a level 2 sonogram between 16-18 weeks. This is recommended for mothers who will be 35 or older when giving birth. This will take a few extra measurements to make sure the baby is developing just fine.

Here are a few new pictures of the family...

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