Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stormy Weather and Prayers

For the last two nights we had stormy weather here in Carrollton. Night before last was 6 hours of thunderstorms and hail. Last night we woke up to a tornado siren at 3:45 am. Not the wake up call that I wanted. We lost power just a few minutes later then everyone got into the laundry room to wait out the storm. We have some damage to our roof but everyone is safe and sound!

We were praying out loud for God to watch over us and protect spare our city, neighborhood and friends. Ella asked if she could pray to God to just make the tornado stop. "Of course", we said in unison! She did ask Him to make the tornado stop. After the storms had passed and the power came back on, Ella said "God answered our prayers, mommy." It was a light bulb moment for her to actually pray for something and to see the answer.

Rejoice with us that our God hears our prayers!

Here are a few pictures from our neighborhood:

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