Wednesday, June 25, 2008

25 weeks

I had two doctor's visits today. One with my OB's partner and one with the Perinatologist for our second sonogram.

My stats:
weight gain: 4 pounds total since conception
Blood Pressure: 120/70
Measuring 26 weeks

I am feeling really good. My lower back pain has really been minimal the past few weeks.

Baby Stats:
Approx weight: 1 lb 13 oz.
Everything looks great!

We were able to see everything (well almost everything) on the baby...heart, lungs, lips, nose, ears, hands, feet...all look great and are within normal range.

Here is the latest picture of our prince or princess...
The baby is laying on it's back looking up. Head on the left and belly on the right. You can see nose and lips pointing straight up. You can also see a hand and forearm above the head touching it's forehead.

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