Thursday, July 24, 2008

29 Week Check-up

Today was full of events!

It was my glucose test and also my rho gram shot.

Blood Pressure: 138/98 (a little high)
Weight gain: 4 pounds in one month! (for a total of 8)
Baby is measuring at 34 weeks (FIVE weeks big)

So with all those factors, my doctor has put me on weekly visits for the next three weeks (I was supposed to start going every OTHER week at this point). We go in for a sonogram next Wednesday (July 30), a non-stress test on August 6 then just a belly check on August 13.

I have been monitoring my blood pressure at home and it is within a normal range every time I take it, so I am keeping a record for my doctor to show her it is just her office that makes my pressure jump up! =)

The reason for the 4th sonogram is to check and see how much fluid is around the baby, and get new measurements of the baby to see how much "Sweetie" has grown.

I should know the results of my glucose test later this week.

And the last of the events for the day was scheduling the c-section! October 1 at 7:30 am will be the baby's birthday, if I can hold out that long!

Check back next week for new sonogram pictures of the baby!

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