Monday, August 4, 2008

Reese: Day 1 - Potty Training

We started the day about 10 am with potty training. Reese helped me teach her dolly to go on the potty. Reese got to see how much praise and kisses from Mommy that the dolly got. The thing with Reese is that she loves to GIVE kisses and praise (something I figured out today). She is much more of a giver than receiver...

This morning I was so tired of sitting in the bathroom with her, I was SO ready for nap time. She took a great nap and we worked at going in the potty from 6:15 pm until 8:15 pm...tonight was much better, she went twice.

It's now 8:53 pm and Reese is in bed. Day two starts tomorrow...

Today's Stats:
Wet Panties: 9 pairs
Wet Night-Nights (Pull-ups): 2
Successes in the Potty: 3
M & M's eaten: 6

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