Saturday, September 27, 2008

38 week check-ups

Everything is still pretty good. Still on modified bed rest.

Monday's appointment:
No weight gain (I have gained a total of 13 pounds since conception).
Measuring 39 weeks
BP 150/90
No dilation
non-stress test was perfect

Thursday Appointment:
No weight gain
BP 150/95
non-stress test was perfect

I made it until today to do our monthly Angel Food Ministries Distribution. It was great to be there and to see all the smiling faces of our volunteers and our customers.

Scooter's mom got here last Sunday and his dad got here today. We are blessed to have them with us for about a month.

We are hoping to make it until Wednesday. I have my next appointment on Tuesday and all my pre-op blood work and paperwork.

Specific prayer requests:
That the c-section will be uneventful.
The my blood pressure will come down right after the surgery and I won't require magnesium to bring it down.
We have a healthy baby.
That the girls will adjust to their new roles of BIGGEST sister and BIG sister.
My recovery will be quick and without complications.

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