Thursday, September 18, 2008

37 week check-ups

Well, it has finally happened, I am on MODIFIED bed rest. Meaning, do as little as possible and lay down as much as possible. I have been very good and it reflects in my blood pressure readings. I had my best in a long time on Wednesday (126/69). The baby still looks great, moving lots and is "happy". I am feeling fine; no headaches, no vision problems and no liver problems-all great news.

Here are this week's stats:

Weight Gain: 0
BP 150/90
Measuring 39 weeks
non-stress test on baby is perfect
My doctor started exams this week to see if any dilation has occurred and I am at "0".

Weight gain: 1
BP 150/90
non-stress test on baby is perfect

My next appointment is on Monday. I have only 3 appointments left before delivery day! One week and 6 days to go....

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